PALASH Healthcare Systems (PHS)

Specialized Healthcare Information Technology organization offering
various software services and solutions to healthcare providers.
PHS offers a complete range of IT solutions viz.

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Provides modules for patient management, patient accounting, and advanced Electronic Medical Record (EMR) management for patient care documentation.

Seamlessly integrates the administrative, financial, and clinical system needs of a single or multiple locations of practice.

Ability to integrate with PALASH or any other Hospital Information System (HIS) along with payer solutions. Patient Information and common data can be easily shared among healthcare providers and facilities and payer institutions.


Besides providing a complete system for managing the administrative and financial aspects of a practice which could be standalone or in chain, it also caters to patient portal, electronic claims processing and practice financial reporting to track the practice's financial performance. It also provides online, point of service payment capabilities to speed up and increase collections.

Palash Healthcare Systems Benefits
  • Maintaining a totally secured database of patients and business information. This information can be available at your fingertips.
  • Improving healthcare delivery by providing medical personnel with better data access, faster data retrieval, higher quality data and more versatility in data display.
  • Improving efficiency, both in the cost and the clinical care perspective. This is achieved by avoiding duplications, repetitions, delays, missing records and confusions.
  • Enforce orderliness and standardization of the patient records and procedures in the clinic and increasing accuracy & completeness of medical records of patient.
  • Acts as a good managerial tool to provide total, cost-effective access to complete and more accurate patient care data to offer improved performance and enhanced functions.
  • Gathering information to meet management challenges.
  • Educate patients about their diseases, of their surgical procedures through pictures and animations.

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