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Creating mobile apps for your business purposes,
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It is suitable tools to integrate your applications into the mobile
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Survey Mobile Features

We can provide applications according to the needs of your survey, using WCMS without changing or modifying the source code on the application.

You need a routing question? Our application is also able to route your survey question, so that the surveyors will get corresponding questions based on previous answers.

Need a calculation or a formula? Everything can be organized in the field component of our app, including dynamic formula which can also be set in our web CMS.

Our mobile app also supports the initiation of data, when you need a confirmation from questionnaire questions.

Our mobile application is an application that provides dynamic content, such as grouping of business processes, form fillings, and field sequences required for your questionnaire. Everything is set in our web CMS, so you do not need to change your code if there is a change in the flow of your survey questions.

Our application is equipped with a security system supported by the latest Android technology to assure the confidentiality of the login process and the security of your data. Users can only open the data using our exclusive application, for instance : the camera system or the database. Protocols that we support such as HTTPS connection, APN and VPN can be used as transportation and communication lines in your data.

What if the surveyor made a mistake when filling the data?

Our application is powered by dynamic verification that can prevent your surveyors inputting invalid data, guaranteeing the data entry in your system is correct.

Our application also can capture images, and with our technology, the image is compressed so that the largest file is less than 5 kb, with good quality picture.

Surveyors cannot get a network internet connection? Our application can run offline and online. If you run the application offline, our application can detect and automatically send your data when it gets an internet connection or in online mode.

Our application is also equipped with push-and-pull notification system. If there is new information or data, mobile applications can perform direct and immediate synchronize with the new data in the server.

You need a GPS tracking? We can include a scheduler application that will always capture surveyors location anywhere, so you can know where your surveyors are.

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