Magix xpa Application Platform
Rapid Cross-Platform Development

Is a code-free, visual development and deployment environment for the
quick creation of enterprise-grade mobile, web and desktop apps. Magic
xpa lets you leverage the same business logic to develop once and
deploy across platforms. You can create a portfolio of high performance
business apps with a single skill set and minimal resources.

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Magic xpa Benefits

Low total cost of ownership

One skill set for all popular operating systems and deployment modes. Minimum deployments and maintenance efforts.


Develop once, deploy anywhere (Windows, Linux, Unix, IBM i, Android, iOS, cloud, on-premise). Easily switch client devices as market or business requirements change. Scale up quickly without changing your app.

Fast time-to-market

Pre-built components. Mobile development mode. Centralized business logic allows updates and changes to be automatically propagated to all devices.

Highly productive

Code-free drag and drop studio. Mobile preview pane. Pre-set mobile development mode. Pre-defined and reusable elements and components let users concentrate on creating the best business logic rather than the technical complexities.

Minimum risk

Metadata-driven product with fully-tested pre-written code. Evolving product that adapts to accommodate new technologies and changing markets.

Mobile Design Mode

A new setting was added to indicate that you are currently developing a mobile application. When this setting is selected:

  • The default form size will be small, which is the required size for mobile phones.
  • Controls placed on the form will receive different default values for some of the properties, such as the control height.
  • When dragging variables to the form with the Shift key pressed, the variable name will be added as the value of the Hint property.

In Memory Data Grid Support as a Messaging Middleware

Magic xpa provides an additional enhanced and robust architecture. The award winning XAP middleware from GigaSpaces is now supported as a messaging layer, which uses a distributed, self- healing and scalable architecture. These benefits directly enhance Magic xpa projects. Existing projects upgraded to this version can be easily scaled to multiple processes and even to multiple machines (scale out) just by changing external configurations.

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