K2 Software

Automated workflows drive action, ensure consistency and increase visibility
by connecting your people with relevant tasks and information.

K2 provides a robust workflow engine, design tools that cut complexity,
reusable components and timesaving features.

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K2 is giving people the power to roll out tailor-made business applications fast. K2 delivers information and allocates work, so organizations can make better decisions and take action quickly, no matter the requirements.

The list of K2 solutions scenarios is endless.

  • Deliver workflows to the enterprise
  • Stay flexible
  • Scale to fit
  • Intuitively design workflows


Manufacturing companies who use K2 report it has given them increased efficiency, greater visibility, reduced IT costs and improved decision-making.


K2 software automates business processes to maximize efficiency, consistency, compliance and visibility at legal firms and organizations all over the world.


What derails your efficiency? Meet complicated challenges head-on with dynamic, K2-based solutions that introduce consistency and save time and money.


K2 provides real-time information on assets, performance and people to help oil and gas companies maximize profit, reduce costs, minimize risk and ensure compliance.


K2 helps healthcare providers collaborate, ensure consistency and compliance, deliver information to caregivers, and streamline back-office operations.


Government organizations and agencies need better information management so they can deliver services at lower costs. K2 helps with case management, evidence processing, incident tracking, educational services and more.

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