Distribution Solution

Exclusively designed to cover end-to-end frontline distribution executions.
Well suited for a distribution company in Indonesia, which demands more
salespeople to frequently go to the customer and the market. Focus on
execution frontline of design, we are able to free up system the complexity
of a typical ERP system. So easy to use for small distribution companies to
large enterprises. Get Demo Now

Distribution Solution Benefits
  • Operation Control & Efficiency:
    • Reduce administration time
    • More time to sell
    • More time to control
    • More paper-less
    • Reduce data-entry errors
    • Every-day closing (sales, stock, payment, cash)
    • Operation speed
  • Visit Quality:
    • Record & guide ALL salesman’s activities : CRM, sales history, payment, credit status, credit limit, TOP, selling, price, cash, expense, stock
    • Real-time inventory information
    • Improve salesman’s discipline
    • Product focus
    • Self-monitoring target

Features Desktop
Disti Apps:

  • Purchasing
  • Accounts Payable
  • Sales & Distribution
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Inventory
  • Cash Management

ScreenShot Desktop - Add Purchase Order

  • Route Management:
    • Visit time
    • Point-to-point time
    • Time-stamp
    • Route control
    • Effective calls
  • Market Information:
    • Real-day / real-time demand capture
    • Customer stock
    • Product display
    • Competitor’s activities
    • Distribution indicators : distribution, avail-in, and sales
    • Survey
    • Real-day reports
    • Improve inter-departments performance

Features Mobile
Disti Apps:

  • Route
  • Taking Order List
  • Delivery Order List
  • Invoice
  • Cash Management
  • Sales Order
  • Customer
  • Collection List
  • Payment
  • Approval
  • Survey

ScreenShot Mobile

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